Why I like our Tuesday night meeting...

Originally, I joined this meeting at another location in 1990. It was a great meeting for me then because I was new to the program. As I learned more about myself and learning from others, I got a new perspective about who I was and what I needed to change in me.I went to a lot of meetings and some were very disappointing for me. They turned out to be "whining" sessions, week after week without a lot of recovery.

I rejoined our meeting on Tuesdays and for one reason or another, there seemed to be little recovery. There were only three of us left who did have good recoveries going on with a will to continue. We decided by group conscience to change our meeting to a Recovery Status only by working the 12 Steps only. We decided on a 12 step booklet that asked piercing questions - questions of us that none of us would even think to ask of ourselves. We made a one year committment to work the steps no matter how many people attended. We were not concerned with quantity as we were with our own necessity for working the 12 steps.

It is now almost a 1 years since we made that decision. Our group is a mature adult group, devoted to recovery only. We sometimes can only do one question in our 1 hour meeting because everyone shares. Our meeting has no volunteer sharing. The question is read by everyone in turn and all share on the same question. Of course, anyone may pass. Usually, no one does.

I could never think about changing my home group meeting. My joy comes from my own recovery and that of the participants when I see their own recoveries.

I am very grateful for what I have learned about myself through CODA.

I have a spirituality that I never had before. I am eternally grateful.

Hy G. (1998)