Words Of Wisdom

(A Collection of sayings heard at meetings)


 You can't get a loaf of bread from a hardware store.

Awareness without change is only a game.
Submitted by Ann M.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm seeking serenity, not control.

Intelligence is better than pride.

Fall down 7 times and stand up 8
Submitted by Allison F.

In January I received my 11 year medallion for Coda. Three of the most important "words of wisdom" that I have gotten out of CoDA are:
1. No is a complete sentence!
2. I teach people how to treat me.
3. When something bad or very difficult happens in my life, there is always something to be grateful for.
Thank you!
Sue F.

Feel is the same as flee. I just need to remember to rearrange the letters.
Submitted by Bill S.

I have more to fear by being afraid.
Submitted by Chris W.

I'm not in the figuring out business.
Submitted by Euna H.