Words Of Wisdom 2000

(A Collection of sayings heard at meetings)

In the midst of Chaos, I stayed focused and centered.

I forgive myself for my past behavior.

Even Ray Charles can see that!

He/She has a deadly walking disease that I cannot afford to catch.

God's timing is perfect: He is never too early, He is never too late!

He is right on time!

Oh Woman of God...Rise Up!

A Healthy self image pays dividends!
Submitted by, Jan S.


"Loose lips sink ships"
Submitted by Margaret P.


"If nothing changes, nothing changes."
At the 2000 Convention


Assume nothing.
This too shall pass.
Assume nothing for this too shall pass!

There is no where you can go where God is not.

The only question is veracity, not origin.

If we lead by fear, judgment, or the calculating mind, we cannot see correctly.

God refuses to be known except by love.

Faith gives us a kind of extraordinary dignity.

My first job is to know myself, which takes immense courage and humility.

For the most part, all our trials and disturbances come from our not understanding ourselves.

I have done what is mine to do; now you must do what is yours to do.
Submitted by Sharon C.

Don't go to the hardware store for a loaf of bread.
Submitted by Lisa