Words Of Wisdom

(A Collection of sayings heard at meetings)


Donít give up 5 minutes before the miracle

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Never go to the desert for water.

We have two choices "hang on or fall off. Which will you choose?

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Nancy Lynn P.


If you can't practice these principles in all your affairs, you have too many affairs.

You can't keep what you won't give away

Justifying by saying "yeah, but" is simply a way to avoid the simplicity of direction or action.

My best thinking got me here.

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H-A-L-T-S (don't forget the S!)
Don't get too Hungry - Angry - Lonely - Tired - SERIOUS

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Don't quit before your miracle!

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Barbara S.


Finding a man later in life is like a box of chocolates.
All the good ones are taken
All that's left are the lemons and the nuts.


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Nancy R.


Just because someone tosses you a ball doesn't mean you have to catch it

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Margaret B.


I can be of no use to others if I don't take of myself first.

I do not want to pass on the cycle of dysfunction; it ends with me!

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Tonette A.


Tear are liquid prays.

 I can't. He (Higher Power) can. So I will let him.

 Don't go to the hardware store for bread.

 Rejection is God s protection.

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weeping may endure for the night but' joy cometh in the morning

with GOD all things are possible

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