It would truly be an honor for me to share with you and my fellow CoDA sisters and brothers nationwide my original poem, typed below. CoDA truly "saved" my life! Ah, to just taste and feel peace of LIVING and not just surviving anymore.


"The Golden Arc"

(Spelled Arc not Ark – Remember God’s covenant of the rainbow/the Arc, if you will)

My sisters and brothers – treasures are they

God’s blessed gifts, amid all this uncertainty

Confidantes, mentors, painters, too

Friends of intimacy are a privileged few.

Feeling as though we might just perish

Honored with loving sharers, who listen, cherish

Together we grieve and we laugh and create

We step onto the bridge through an invisible gate.

A leap of faith – a brief in ourselves

In all our humility, driven to delve

Shaking free the messages, coming into the light

Loving this little child, the canvas now bright…

So we continue the journey, no longer in the dark,

Two by precious two, we surrender, embark

With most of all, our loving Higher Power,

…There atop…

The Golden Arc

My wish is to you, my nationwide brothers and sisters, for all of our ongoing and consistent Peace, Joy and Serenity as we continue on our journeys "back" (while going forward) toward knowledge and finally our own UNCONDITIOAL LOVE of the precious child inside of all of us…. SELF!

An original writing – By Terri G. (Bellerose, N.Y.)