I absolutely disagree with adding anything to the name Codependents Anonymous.

The suggested addendum sounds like an advertising slogan, and I think it comes close to violating the 11th Tradition.

There are as many definitions of codependency as there are codependents, and as many definitions of recovery as there are recovering codependents. To narrow that scope in any way will not attract more people to CoDa, it will in fact turn off people who feel they don’t fit that definition.

The only requirement for CoDa membership is a desire to have healthy relationships. Please let’s not start tinkering with success. It will inevitably lead to disunity as people debate definitions and wording—violating the 1st Tradition—and possibly even lead to groups splitting off and forming their own factions.

The decline in meeting attendance could be due to the following factors:

1)   Many people stop attending when they feel better (they usually end up coming back months or years later).

2)   Some meetings, though listed on the meeting schedules and on taped phone messages, have actually stopped existing because no one wanted to chair them.

3)   Some facilities become unavailable; e.g., a church basement flood knocked out one New York City meeting for more than a month. In that time, members may have found other meetings more convenient or more to their liking, or after repeatedly showing up for a non-meeting, got fed up and joined another meeting.

4)   Some people decide that other 12-step programs are a priority for them instead.

5)   For those of us who work full time jobs, and for those who have childcare responsibilities, we can’t always get to as many meetings as we’d like during the week, and there aren’t that many weekend meetings available.


There may be plenty of other reasons why attendance may be down (holidays, vacations). I seriously doubt it’s because of the name of the organization.  Anyone who wants to find out what “codependent” means has only to visit a bookstore, get on the Internet, or call the phone numbers listed with Information.


A Satisfied Customer!