Keep on Believing

I want to tell you a story... 
It is about a young, spirited and vibrant girl who wanted nothing more than to be loved and accepted in this life.  She had lost so much in her first 8 years, a grandfather who adored her, a father who abandoned her and a stepfather who began to molest her.  She did not understand how these events would eventually shape her life, nor did she believe she would ever find a way out of the darkness she lived in day after day.  The man she came to love as her stepfather tried every means possible to break her spirit, he told her she would never amount to anything, she would never succeed, and she would never go to law school.  You see, that young 8 year girl decided she wanted to be an attorney--she didn't know why at the time, yet somehow deep within she knew that was her destiny.  So, as you might guess, the words of this man who claimed to love her, sent arrows piercing into her heart. But the young girl did not waiver in her belief--she knew he could not break her will. And in the end... it was he who may have won the smaller battles but lost the war for on April 1, 2000 that young 8 year old, (now 39), learned that she had been accepted to law school.  So after 30 years of fighting the good fight she has won, he could not break her spirit and her dream remained alive.  More importantly, that young girl could never have known then what she knows now, that her destiny is to be a attorney, but not just any attorney, but for all those kids who have been abused and neglected and have no other voice to combat injustice other than her own.  And I can tell you that I know this young girl very well because she was me.   Don't ever give up on your dream and don't ever let someone else define who you are because only you have that right and choice.

Barbara S.