Facing In  

As the days of pain do pass,
I'll come to accept a half full glass.

Your story told to me is done,
Yet I gave my heart to only one.

The crazy loathing of mind for me,
Is advertised in difficulty.

I stretch to find the reasons why,
Receiving words but no reply.

Your soul so special and unique,
Is not a mechanism I need to tweak.

Nor am I a broken man,
Needing reparation by your hand.

With sweet apology I will find,
The core of me that is so kind.

With courage I'll turn it facing in,
To heal the world within my skin.

I've suffered many storms I know,
But none without a chance to grow.

I've given love when I should have not,
And lived with pain that other's got.

How is it then that I will find,
A truer love that lives through time?

In all great nature the answer's seen;
The sky so blue, the grass so green.

They are the way they are today,
But tomorrow may be a cloudy day.

And deer may walk upon the grass,
Or eat a bit as they move past.

Still love is there, in the ground and air.
Love's just that way. It's everywhere.

-  Brenneman T.   April 4, 2002