Exit or Entrance

This evening on my way home I passed the county fairgrounds. It’s a place I’ve driven by literally hundreds of times over the years. Today I saw something that I’m sure I’ve seen before but never saw it with the same ‘eyes’ that I did today.

As I drove by the main gate I saw the word ‘EXIT’ on a long sign mounted over the gate. As I continued on down the street I glanced back just as I passed the gate… on the other side of the sign it said… ‘ENTRANCE’.

It struck me as so odd that a place could be two different places at the same time depending on ‘where’ you were standing when you read the sign.

For me that’s a lot like my life has been up to this point. There have been times that I thought I had reached my end that I couldn’t go on, only to realize down the road that it was the beginning of something else entirely.

A man I had been in a relationship with for over eight years just one day up and walked out… boom… gone from my life… lock, stock and barrel as the old saying goes. For the first few weeks I thought I would die, that the void in my life after he left would never be filled. The pain and frustration I felt after he left eventually led me seek counseling and group therapy. His leaving literally saved my life. If someone had told me this the day he moved out I would’ve thought they were crazy but now I see how an ‘EXIT’ really can be an ‘ENTRANCE’. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to see the ‘other’ side of the sign.

written by Beverly Joe V.
August 2004