A Runner’s Prayer

This interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer came flowing into my head one day while I was running.  Coming to terms with my belief system, as a 12-stepper, I wanted to paraphrase the Prayer, but is it my “ own agenda”?  I don’t know.  I need to believe in a loving God, but not “my way”.   I fell on the road while repeating this prayer.  With serious osteoporosis, I was in too much pain and shock to see or get up.  I could hear  cars pull over.  A few months later, my dream of running the 52 mile Hana Relay on Maui (with a team of 6) came true! Maybe what I can’t come to terms with, is meant to be.

Our Creator, who knows the ‘feel good place’ in our hearts we long to be,
Healthy and whole is your claim.
Bring us security
Your caring Way
Even while we are now on earth.
Give us our needs day by day.
Forgive us for harming ourselves and others,
And heal our victimized hearts that we may “let go”, stop blaming one another, and move on in life.
Don’t leave us alone with (bet you can’t eat just one) dangerous temptations that could enslave us,
But save us from that which would destroy us.
For You are the loving place of safety.
As the Creator, You alone know the Way and the Truth.
And we thank You because spreading praise connects us by Love to each other and Your care.

Sharon C.  (2002)