About Co-NNections

Co-NNections has been CoDA’s newsletter since 1989. The newsletter was combined with the Quarterly Service Report and was snail mailed to subscribers for $6 yearly. The Periodicals and Publications committee published Co-NNections until 1996 when Co-NNections became a standing committee and took the place of Periodicals and Publications. The Co-NNections logo was designed in 1992 by a CoDA member from the logo contest. The 1992 Co-NNections copyright policy was updated in 1996 and is our current copyright policy. The paper newsletter became costly and in 2007 Co-NNections became an online publication and free to CoDA members. A Co-NNections workshop was developed in 2008 to encourage CoDA group members to work together to make material that can be used in our newsletter. In 2009 the “Weekly Readings” service was created. Subscribers to the “Weekly Readings” receive a weekly email notification that a different article has been posted. The newsletter has articles organized in nine categories. A category button is on the navigation bar with a dropdown menu. A keyword search window is at the top of web pages as an option to the category listing.
The Co-NNections committee is a group of volunteers with at least one year of CoDA recovery. We review submissions in accordance with the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and CoDA’s web guidelines. There are 400 articles on Co-NNections. Half of the submissions sent to Co-NNections are used in the newsletter. When an article isn’t used, the author is given our editorial policy and encouraged to rewrite and re-submit their article. A submission can be a writing about a recovery experience, a poem, drawing, photo, audio or video.
We hope that you enjoy Co-NNections.

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